Tata Group is India’s biggest business group with operations in over 80 countries with over 425,000 employees.  Revenue for the Group was $100.9bn in FY12 of which nearly 60% comes from international markets outside India. Tata is comprised of companies with operations in seven business sectors – Engineering, Materials, Energy, Chemicals, Consumer Products, Services, Communications and Information Systems.


Tata has more than a century of experience in the UK, its leading international market. Tata is one of the largest investors and employers in the UK, comprising 19 companies and a 50,000-strong workforce spread right across the region. The Tata group of companies in the UK include well-known brands such as Jaguar Land Rover; Tata Steel; TCS; Tata Communications; Tetley Tea (now part of Tata Global Beverages); Tata Chemicals (previously  Brunner Mond) and Taj Hotels.





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