Liam is married to Maggie who is a primary school teacher and they have three grown up kids of whom they are very proud. He wants to be a grandfather sooner rather than later.

In 2009 Liam co-founded Wavelength to change the world for the better through business. Before that he created and/or led 12 social businesses including Liverpool's pioneering FRC Group (1992-2004) Jamie Oliver's Fifteen (2004-2008).


He is the President of the Friends of Grameen (an international solidarity group around Muhammad Yunus) and helps pick winners for Impact Ventures UK and Centrica's Ignite entrepreneurs fund. He dispenses irreverent advice through his widely read Dear Jude blog (http://www.pioneerspost.com/comment/20130410/letter-young-social-entrepreneur-the-poor-are-not-the-raw-material-your-salvation ).







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